Hawksmoor: London’s Best Breakfast – Bite Into London

By ExtremeFoodies on December 2nd, 2015



In this week's episode of 'Bite into London', Amy savours London's best breakfast from Hawksmoor Guildhall, what a feast! 

Claiming to be the most English and the meatiest of all English fry-ups, the Hawksmoor English breakfast is a colossal mound of tasty components. Starting with the usual inclusions of Bubble & Squeak, Black Pudding and Baked Beans, the first item that catches the eye is the massive marrow-bone that bisects the dish. The creamy, rich marrow does well to complement the heavy, glossy, golden bacon chop and traditional English sausage. And what is the English breakfast without the friendly, sunny-side up, fried eggs. If you’re in and around London why not visit Hawksmoor for a taste of genuine English produce at one of their many restaurants. 

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