Matiz restaurante

Matiz is a small restaurant near the Parque de la 93 area that has an intimate feel and personalized service. Chef Nicolás Quijano’s earnest desire to please coupled with his visual arts background make each dish impressive. The leisurely tasting menu is the star: the chef comes to the table to discuss dietary restrictions and preferences with the diners, then creates a tasting menu based on those preferences and the ingredients of the moment.
As the gourmet dishes with culinary influences from around the world are served, your desire to know what’s next grows until it becomes an irrational desire to run screaming into the kitchen to demand what’s coming next. But relax and just trust in the chef to meet those hidden desires you didn’t know you had in a never-to-be-repeated menu especially for you.

A17 Calle 95 # 11 Bogotá, Colombia
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Opening times
Thu: 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm
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