The Best Restaurants in CARTAGENA

World Heritage Site. The Fourth Wonder of Colombia. Heroic City. These are just some of the titles that have been used to describe Cartagena de Indias. Founded almost 500 years ago on the Caribbean ocean, this charming city is filled with history and amazing architecture. Forts, castles, and 11 km of solid walls were built to protect the city from pirates, and now these walls protect stories of both wars and passion. On the streets and plazas of Cartagena, the past mixes with the present, the modern with the traditional. Colorful flowers hang from the balconies of colonial houses and small plazas, domes, arches and red clay roofs mark the city with romanticism and tradition. This celebrated tourist destination is known for having some of the best restaurants in Colombia where international flavors combine with traditional techniques and ingredients from the Caribbean.