Picaroneria Ruinas

Rosa has been making picarones in her little corner shop for 38 years, and most will agree that the light, crispy sweet potato doughnuts that she and her team of two helpers turn out night after night are the best in the entire country. The recipe is her mothers, but the style is distinctly Cuscqueño, nowhere else do the picarones achieve this perfect balance of crunch and chewy, thanks to her use of only yellow sweet potato flour, egg, anise flavored water, butter and sugar. A drizzle of syrup made from a local molasses called chancaca is the final touch, which makes this a close contender for the tastiest snack in Cusco. Picaroneria Ruinas opens every day, but get in early because later the place is always full.

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Ruinas St. 200, Cusco
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Opening times
Fri: 3:00 pm - 10:00 pm
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