Otramanera, inaugurated in August 2014, arguably presents Havana’s best cooking to date. The project was realized by a Cuban-Spanish couple, Amy Torralbas and Álvaro Diez Fernandez, who returned from Spain where Diez had worked as sommelier at El Bullí to refashion Torralbas’ family paladar into something more sophisticated. The restaurant, in tony Miramar, is set in a 1950’s ranch-style house. Décor is minimalist, accented by contemporary art. Dishes, prepared by chef Dayron Ávila, are based in Catalan traditions with a Caribbean touch. Fresh sardine fillets are dressed in a fruity papaya salsa augmented by a cilantro puree and crowned with edible flowers. Romescada is a fish stew bathed in romesco sauce, tomato thickened with almonds. Ávila enjoys the challenge of presenting a newer sophisticated cuisine, but faces the difficult task of sourcing ingredients that vary wildly in availability. “One day I’ll find beautiful lobsters but no butter. We’ve even run out of salt!” he laments.

Restaurante Otramanera, 1810 Avenida 35, La Habana, Cuba
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