Los Milanesos
Tacos de Milanesa Jamón y Queso

Legendary Tacos El Calvario, its official name, is known to its many fans as “Los Milanesos.” And despite its location, which is apparently in the middle of nowhere, it’s worth seeking out. Nothing more than an extended puesto (street stall) under a tent, it is perpetually surrounded by its many fans, from cops to university students. Los Milanesos is so named because of the exquisite and notoriously huge tacos of milanesa - breaded, deep-fried beef, ham and cheese or, best of all, chicken. Quick frying keeps the meat succulent; a dollop of rustic salsa verde adds kick. While milanesa is the house special, several rich saucy guisados (stews) are always on hand, served out of huge, battered aluminum pots: pork rib in adobo, chicharrón with nopal or suadero (flank steak) with nopal.

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Avenida Torres Ixtapatongo, between Av. Toluca & Glaciar, Colonia Olivar de los Padres, Not far from San Ángel
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Opening times
Fri: 7:00 am - 4:30 pm
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