Casa Oaxaca El Restaurante

The majority of Oaxaca's culinary highpoints are located in casual, hole-in-the-wall restaurants and dimly lit covered markets. Casa Oaxaca El Restaurante, however, sits at the other end of the spectrum. In a beautiful, two-storey colonial building with whitewashed walls and bold splashes of colour, this restaurant features a clean, modern design and a stunning triangular roof terrace. Chef Alejandro Ruiz presents traditional Oaxacan dishes in a simple, modern style while maintaining the authentic essence of the originals. Fresh, seasonal ingredients are sourced from local markets, allowing the chef to alter the menu according to what looks best on any given day. Expect dishes with fresh, punchy flavors that never overwhelm or overstep the mark. The standout dish is surely the Caldo de Piedra – a piece of pure restaurant theater: An earthenware bowl arrives at the table, lined with raw fish, raw shrimp and a selection of fresh chilis and other vegetables. A jug of rich seafood broth is poured into the bowl and, finally, red hot stones are carefully added to the bowl. The resulting hiss of steam as the hot stones gently cook the seafood and vegetables will have other diners craning their necks enviously. To top things off, the service is impeccable, with the friendly staff happy to describe (in perfect English) the dishes and explain their significance in traditional Oaxacan cuisine.

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Constitución #104-A Col. Centro Centro 68000 Oaxacade Juárez, Oax
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Opening times
Tue: 1.00pm -11.00pm
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