Andares De La Baja Cocina
Baja California style fish and chips

Restaurant Andares De La Baja Cocina is a 2016 addition to the burgeoning, hip la Cacho neighborhood. Here, chef Luis Enrique Moreno Gil pays homage to a plethora of fresh Baja California ingredients and feeds the city’s continuing hunger for “Baja Med” cuisine — Mediterranean dishes made with local seafood, meat, and produce. An oyster bar fashioned from a shipping container in the middle of the spacious patio offers the bivalve raw as well as prepared and cooked as Rockefeller, Provençal, or a la diabla – the house specialty. Dishes include “Baja style” fish and chips – a whole red snapper fried and served with hearty, house-made potato wedges, as well as a generously portioned short rib in red sauce and a variety of crusty, very good, oven-baked pizzas.

22040, Av Colima 2393, Col. Madero (Cacho), 22040 Tijuana, B.C., Mexico
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