Mariscos El Mazateño
El perrón Taco

Mariscos el Mazateño has a well-earned reputation as THE spot for the best Sinaloan-style seafood tacos in Tijuana. The crowd of locals seated at this open-air restaurant in the Tomas Aquino section of town is testament to its popularity. The el perrón taco combines generous amounts of succulent grilled Baja shrimp and crunchy fried red snapper heaped into two warm, just-made flour tortillas. Melted Oaxacan cheese finishes the taco and is an unexpected yet welcome complement.

Calzada Tecnologico, No. 473-E in the Tomas Aquino section of Tijuana. Best accessed from the border via the Otay Mesa crossing.
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Opening times
Sun: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
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