Olivia el Asador del Porvenir
Tuétano asado

Chef Giannina Gavaldon opened her restaurant in her parent's beautiful stone home overlooking the vineyards in the Valle de Guadalupe after graduation from Cordon Bleu in Los Angeles. Grilled meats are the specialty here and chef Gavaldon's bone marrow is a highlight. A beef bone is split vertically and grilled to perfection, flavored with only a pinch of local sea salt. The marrow is served with tortilla chips used to scoop out the savory marrow. Leave a little marrow in the bone and sprinkle a few drops of mezcal on it to enjoy a blend of two distinctly smoky tastes.

Camino Vecinal Canon de La Liebre Parcela 67 Ejido El Porvenir 22755 Ensenada, BC Mexico
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