Feta Fries

Opa is located at Limegrove, one of the fanciest malls in Barbados. However, this cute little Greek spot is not hard in the pocket. The prices are accessible, offering all types of appetizers from Greek dips with an assortment of flatbreads to the delicious “Spanakopita” a spinach and feta cheese wrapped in a pastry. To continue with the feta ride is impossible to leave without trying the feta fries, which are crunchy, and the consistency just gets better with all the crumbled feta on top that is bathed in their homemade Greek salad dressing. If taking care of the diet, the best options on the menu are the dips with pita bread, with a selection of hummus, olive/sundried tomato tapenade, spicy feta, taramosalata, and tzatziki to choose from – Genius way to “escape the pallet” to the Greek islands, all the way from a cosy Caribbean locale.

Limegrove Lifestyle Centre Holetown, St.James. Barbados
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Opening times
Wed: 10:00 am - 12:00 am
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