La Villa

You’ll see little carts selling obleas all over the city. The concept is simple: two thin, crispy wafers sandwich a sweet, creamy arequipe sauce, which is a kind of South American caramel. Usually you’ll be offered additional toppings and sauces, like raspberry sauce, shredded coconut, chopped peanuts, and amazingly, shredded cheese. However, here’s a word of warning: sometimes the obleas can be a little soggy, and the caramel not good quality. Ask if the obleas are fresh before you buy. Also, the caramel should be a rich color and smooth, with no lumps in it. At Obleas La Villa, present in many malls, you can try some of the best obleas in the city. And if you really love them, the ingredients are sold packaged and ready to go, so it’s easy to savor the sweet taste of Colombia at home.

Titan Mall, Calle 80 con Av. Boyaca, Bogotá
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