Bicycle Arepa

Ingenious Colombians will put anything on wheels to take their creations right to the public. One of my favorite grills is what I call the bicycle grill. Specially made bicycles are fitted with barbecue grills on the front handles. The arepa maker arrives at the spot he wants to set up his business – usually a busy street corner – and prepares his bicycle. The grill on the front is filled with charcoal, which is then lit. On the back rack, the cook sets up containers of grated cheese and shredded chicken. He puts sausages on the grill, which share the space with roughly-shaped white corn arepas. When the arepas are ready, they get stuffed with shredded meat or cheese or are served with the skewered meat.

Carrera 15 #126-29 (on the street in front of Unicentro mall)
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