La Boutique Jacinta
Guacamole with castakán

Jacinta is located in the city center in Cozumel Island and has an exceptional decoration as the restaurant was built inside a Yucatán-influenced home, making the experience a lot more real and unique. The restaurant has outdoor and indoor dining, a private dining area and also a boutique where it is easy to find beautiful artisanal and handmade products crafted by local artists. The menu is filled with an incredible selection, and some of the best dishes to try are; as an appetizer the guacamole with castakán, which is served with chicharrón, grilled onions and Pico de gallo. The “queso de bola and Chaya empanadas” are delicious and perfect to pair with the guacamole. The green salad tastes delicious as it comes with a mix of salad, green beans, goat cheese, cashews, avocado puree, & lime vinaigrette. In regards to the main courses, the fettuccine al pesto with grilled shrimp and Jacinta Burger are two of my favorites. Last but not least, the cheesecake Jacinta and ice cream selection will surprise your palate. All of the traditional dishes are prepared in a way that will take you straight to the Mexican region they come from, all with a modern touch.

Calle 6 Norte & 5a Av. Norte, 10 de Abril, Centro, San Miguel de Cozumel, Q.R., Mexico
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Opening times
Fri: 6:00 - 11:30 pm
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