Grand View Grill
Pulled Jerk Chicken Sandwich

Grand View Grill is set on the gentle shores of the south coast of St. Vincent & The Grenadines. The restaurant has a beautiful view of Rock Fort, Balliceaux and Bettowia islands. The easterly breeze flows gently through the coconut trees near the shoreline, keeping this location cool. Decoration is simple, colorful and open. Friday is “Jerk Night.” Chicken, pork and fish are offered with an assortment of “festivals,” which are cornmeal dumplings. Other days, if clients are in the mood for jerk chicken, they can try the “pulled” jerk chicken and coleslaw sandwich, which bursts with delightful flavour. Don’t leave without trying the tasty handmade warm coconut bread and butter pudding with caramel sauce and ice cream. These meals will leave customers feeling content and ready to take on an afternoon or night-time party.

Grand View Beach Hotel Villa Point, PO Box 173
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Opening times
Sat: 3:00 - 9:00 pm
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