Graeter's Ice Cream

Grater's is simply everyone's favorite because of its delicious, rich and dense ice cream produced by the French Pot Batch process method. Started by Louis Graeter in 1868 in the neighborhood street market of Cincinnati now has branches in more than 50 locations offering super-premium ice cream, baked goods, and candy. The thick, handcrafted ice-cream is everyone’s favorite across the country including the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Harry Connick Jr., and David Rosengarten. Although they offer a range of flavors from the classic, seasonal and low glycemic ones but their signature is the range having chocolate chips. It has been called "the best ice cream in the world," and "the best out there," and won "Best Sweet" at the 2014 Food Network South Beach Wine and Food Festival.

511 Walnut St, Cincinnati, OH 45202, USA
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Opening times
Wed: 06.30 am - 11.00 pm
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