J Timothy's Taverne
‘Dirt Style’ Chicken Wings

Housed in a building well more than 200 years old, J. Timothy’s serves a full menu, but you’ll find most tables have chicken bones piled on it. Constantly rated the best in the state, J. Timothy’s serves more than 200 tons of wings a year and invented what’s called the "Dirt Style" wing, where they are fried, dipped in sauce, then fried and sauced again. The process caramelizes the sauce and adds another layer of flavour. As restaurant legend goes, the dirt wings get their moniker from a guest who played on the restaurant’s softball team in the 1990s. His nickname was Dirt, as in “older than dirt,” and his wings would get cold as he spent time socializing around the bar. He’d ask the cooks to throw the wings into the fryer again, which created the now-renowned crispy, caramelized texture. Usually a recipe for an acrid, burnt-tasting wing, these guys have mastered the art form. The result is a depth of flavour that just doesn’t exist elsewhere. 

143 New Britain Ave, Plainville, CT 06062, USA
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Opening times
Tue: 11:30 am - 10:00 pm
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