Lobster Landing
Lobster Roll

On a tour of New England lobster shacks, two favorites were the furthest North in Maine "McLoons" and this gem the furthest South in Connecticut "Lobster Landing". The unique cheesecloth broth and butter dunk makes this one of the juiciest lobster rolls anywhere. Bacci, the owner, since 1995, just makes the whole experience unforgettable. This small wharf right next to the residential area gets its fair share of tourists with cameras, even if its remote location doesn’t draw a large crowd. That’s because of the old, rustic lobster shack. The current owners have run Lobster Landing for over 20 years, but the building itself is more than a century old, adding to the charm. The shack’s small menu is typical of what you’ll find in these Connecticut lobster shacks: there’s lobster roll, and there’s hot dog. Oh, and ice cream. The lobster is lightly drizzled in butter and served in a long, nicely toasted hot dog bun. The bun here is the best of the bunch.

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152 Commerce St Clinton, CT 06413 United States
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