Carson Kitchen
Turducken Pot Pie

When Carson Kitchen opened in June 2014, it begat a food revolution in downtown Las Vegas the likes of which Sin City had never seen. Since then, a dozen more worthwhile eateries have opened in its wake, but it remains the culinary leader to this day, and a tough table to score any day of the week. Even with the passing of founder Kerry Simon, the cooking remains as innovative and drop-your-fork-tasty as it did when the rock-and-roll chef was overseeing things. We know Kerry would approve of this turducken pot pie – a playful take on the ultimate stuffed bird -- that mixes three kinds of fowl (turkey, chicken, duck) and bathes them in an old-fashioned cream sauce that would make Betty Crocker proud. Top it all off with buttermilk biscuit crumble and you have the ultimate in comfort food, in a casual setting that belies just how serious this place is about its cooking.

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124 S 6th St #100, Las Vegas, NV 89101, United States
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Opening times
Thu: 11.30 am - 11.00 pm
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