Durham’s food scene has the perfect mix of old and new with a focus on farm-to-table dining and creative twists on Southern classics. In what was once the hub of a thriving tobacco industry, downtown Durham now houses some of the most passionate brewers, coffee roasters, chefs and farmers. A weekly farmers market is a must-visit to meet the farmers and purveyors of everything local, from chilies to okra. Invention is the name of the game here. Food trucks crank out authentic pho and Indian curries and diners crowd cafes, such as Cocoa Cinnamon, which began as a coffee bike. Elevated casual fare is the trend at restaurants around town, with delicious bites from all corners of the globe. Mateo Bar de Tapas, Pizzeria Toro and Gocciolina are just a few of the spots on the must-visit list. From gourmet burgers to sublime pastry, Durham has something for everyone.