KoKyu Na'Mean
Baht Mi

The sandwiches have great depth for omnivores and vegetarians as the menu is almost split half and half. Each sandwich comes with a free side, which includes Furikake Potato Chips, Spicy Kimchi Cucumbers, Ginger Roasted Brassicas and Gamja potato salad. The sandwiches are an American take on Korean Banh Mi, a Korean-style sandwich served on a roll that has a crusty outside and soft inside. Na' Mean relies heavily on pork in all its incarnations and adds sauces to each that are delicious and creative. I also got to try the Ko'boy, which is jumbo coconut shrimp, except the coconut shavings are the size of corn flakes and it even has pickled onions. Delish!

Amanda Cushman
4823 Meadow Dr. Durham, NC 27713
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Opening times
Fri: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
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