Is it food? Dinner? Theater? Art? Architecture? Vespertine is all of the above.

The most polarizing restaurant to open in recent memory is an unforgettable experience. This may sound like a polite way to say the food is not very good, but that’s not the case. You have simply never tasted or seen anything like it.

The flounder with charred onion powder, porridge, shallot and pickled Japanese plum is black as night and invisible at the bottom of the black craggy pestle it is served in. Once you scrape it off the bottom and taste it, you are forced to think about the lines blurring between the food, the plate, the servers dressed in black and the repetitive three- or four-note music soundtrack that plays for the duration of the four-hour meal. I loved Vespertine, but confess the idea of trying it sober is out of the question.

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3599 Hayden Ave, Culver City, CA 90232, USA
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Wed: 5:30 - 9:30 pm
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