Com Tam Thuan Kieu
Cơm Tấm

Cơm tấm, or broken rice, is a dish made from rice fragments, hence its name "broken rice." Tấm refers to the broken rice grains, while cơm refers to cooked rice. It is a dish served predominantly in southern Vietnam in the city of Saigon. Toppings usually includes grilled pork, bì (thinly shredded pork mixed with cooked and thinly shredded pork skin). The rice and meat are served with various greens and pickled vegetables, along with a shrimp paste cake wrapped in dried soy bean sheets, chả trứng egg meatloaf dotted with minced pork and glass noodles. Restaurants will generally serve this popular combination rice plate with a small bowl of nước chấm, as well as broth (canh).

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