Proud to have this restaurant in Canada. It's not a country necessarily known for fine dining, and upscale Canadian restaurants generally fly under the radar in a global context, but restaurants like Patrick Kriss', Alo, help put it on the map. They don't rest on laurels or get "too comfy" even sitting at #1 on many "Canada's Best Restaurants" lists. They're not coasting on name recognition or awards either, although it may have helped them open more casual concepts like Aloette (downstairs from Alo) and Alo Bar (in Yorkville). Alo's extended tasting menu at the counter gets better every time - seamless service and simple well-executed food. It's classic French in technique, Japanese in style, and ingredient-driven, which means internationally sourced here. Expect to find Japanese fish, Italian caviar, French butter, Spanish vinegar, local fruit and Canadian seafood. It's their definition of "Canadian cuisine" which is often global. Well done.

163 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON M5V 2L6, Canada
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Opening times
Thu: 05.00 pm - 01.00 am
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