Rutt's Hut
Twins, All The Way

Housed in a Tudor-style building with a bar, a restaurant and a fast-food area, this cash-only, no-frills institution has been serving deep-fried hot dogs since 1928. “Rippers” are beef and pork hot dogs deep-fried New Jersey-style until the skin cracks and splits while the inside remains soft and lovely. An "in and outer” resembles a traditional hot dog, while the cremator is black and crunchy all the way through. Rutt’s spicy-sweet relish is a dense yellow condiment made with onions, finely chopped carrots, cabbage and mustard, and is really special. Just ask for “Twins, All The Way,” meaning a pair of rippers with mustard and relish.

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417 River Rd, Clifton, NJ 07014, United States
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Wed: 08.00 am - 11.00 pm
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