CupCakes and CrabLegs

Susan York is an American writer and photographer who relocated to San Miguel de Allende last year from Chicago after a long career in Sales and Special Events. As a photographer, she thinks the light in San Miguel is magical.

She first came to Mexico (Guadalajara) to study and returned year after year, falling in love with Mexico, its people and the cuisine...tequila included. Her nickname, the Tequila Queen, came during a stint she did as a consultant to develop new tequila markets in the US.

A curious world traveler, she can have her bags packed in 5 minutes. She thinks that half the fun of traveling is finding new spots to eat at. The other half? The she does extensive research on a city before she travels. Part of that process is reaching out to chefs and food bloggers with specific questions. They almost always answer and she has made friends all over the world as a result.

Where does she want to have her next lunch? One of the ways she finds new restaurants is to engage her friends in a challenge. She'll set the parameters and they'll have to find a restaurant that matches the requirements.

A passionate cook and eater, she knows what she likes and blogs about it. Her blog, Cupcakes and Crablegs reports on food and travel. She has been featured many times on both the Bon Appetit blog and on the Chicago Office of Tourism and Culture and Motorola’s travel app.

Susan is an award winning, published and exhibited photographer and was the recipient of a Kodak Award. She's discovered a lot of off the beaten path places to eat when she's on the road simply by wandering the streets and back alleys with her camera.

She's always looking for the most rewarding experiences to share with food lovers everywhere. She's hardly scratched the surface of where she wants to go or what she wants to eat. Stay tuned.

CupCakes and CrabLegs

Award winning, published and exhibited photographer. Into breakfast, dark chocolate and white wine. Loves to cook.

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