Sevilla Tapas

Born in Canada by mistake, I've been living in Spain for over 22 years and made Sevilla my home in 1993. My Sevilla Tapas blog is a labour of love, now listing more than 200 tapas bars in restaurants in Sevilla, and a second blog called Azahar Tapas is where I talk about food places I visit on my travels, mostly in Andalucia. I also have a kitchen blog with recipes, a photo blog and two travel blogs (one focused on Sevilla, the other Andalucia)... well, you can see a pattern happening here. Yes, I am a blogoholic!
I've been doing food and wine tours in Sevilla for the past five years, which has to be one of the best jobs in the world. I meet people from all over who are interested in Spanish gastronomy and get to take them around and show them all my favourite places. I also get to talk a lot! So that's pretty much win-win.
New projects include offering a personalised trip planning service for Andalucia and extending my food and wine experiences to other cities in the south of Spain.

Sevilla Tapas

A personal listing of my favourite tapas bars and restaurants in Sevilla. Creating custom food & wine experiences.

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