Burgerdudes.se, Sweden's largest burger website, is run by a group of five burger-loving individuals in Stockholm. They have traveled the world since 2009 in search of the best burgers on the planet, and in 2014 they launched the website Burgerdudes.se that now sports over 200 burger reviews from more than 20 countries. New reviews are published each week. “Nothing beats a burger with a medium-rare patty (freshly ground according to the Blumenthal method) in a soft brioche bun, served with double-fried french fries.” In 2016, they organized Stockholm Burger Fest, Stockholm's first burger festival in the city’s Södermalm district. A huge success, the event attracted thousands of hungry visitors.


Burgerdudes.se is Sweden’s largest burger website. They are a group of burger-loving individuals who have been travelling the world in search of the best burgers.

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