Born and raised in New York, Yvo was brought up by her chef-dad and mom to appreciate food in all its forms. From real cheap eats to high-end fine dining, she is well-versed in it all. Her philosophy in life is “if it tastes good, eat it!” Tasting good is subjective, of course, and she's none too afraid of sharing her opinion of what tastes good with anyone who will listen. She'll try anything twice, and enjoys traveling to find something new to eat. On her blog, Feisty Foodie, Yvo seeks to accurately represent the way an average New Yorker eats - sometimes fancy, sometimes not. In her non-food-obsessed moments, she busies herself with (American) football and the New York Mets - and thinks about what to eat during games.

Feisty Foodie

Food, learning more about food, exploring food, food history

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