Kai Kai Dessert (佳佳甜品)

Here’s something new from Michelin – a section in the Guide that they’ve called "Recommended Street Food." There’s quite a few places on the list, but one that stands out is a dessert shop that specializes in Tong Sui (which literally translates as sugar water), a soup or custard dessert that is served at the end of a traditional Cantonese meal. Types of popular Tong Sui include red bean, mung bean, black sesame, almond and walnut, to name just to name a few, while some dishes include egg, sago, rice ball, dried bean curd and even papaya! Here’s a quick word to the wise: Unless you’re a particularly ardent ginger fan, don't go for the ginger-based Tong Sui, as this place has a reputation for treating its customers to tongue-incinerating doses of the spice! 

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29, Ning Po Street, Jordan, Hong Kong
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Opening times
Tue: 12:00 pm - 04:00 am
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