Chin Chin
Caramelised Sticky Pork

Chin Chin, a popular Asian fusion restaurant famous for its pink neon rabbit, continues to colourfully dominate in a competitive Melbourne culinary scene. After 3 years Chin Chin is still packed with diners every day rain, hail or shine. Stars like Pink have visited this chic restaurant, even queuing up like everyone else to grab a table. Chin Chin has a striking ambience with pop artwork, Asian images, the neon rabbit, and cool typeface of its logo. The lighting is slightly dim, the crowd energises an atmosphere of its own, there's activity and sometimes there's a sense of rush. In fact these are elements of Asia itself and you feel like you actually might be somewhere in Bangkok or Singapore or some other Asian city. The World Loves Melbourne rates the Caramelised Sticky Pork with Sour Herb Salad & Chilli Vinaigrette as one of the best pork dishes in Melbourne. The fresh zingy Asian salad ingredients with this dish complement perfectly and cut through the richness of the pork. The sauce in the bowl was also a highlight, which I absorbed with a side of rice.

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125 Flinders Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
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Opening times
Tue: 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
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