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Torta degli Addobbi

Torta degli Addobbi, a rice cake, is a classic Bolognese dessert traditionally prepared during Festa degli Addobbi, established in the 17th century in Bologna and celebrated every 10 years in the city parishes. During this celebration, it is customary to expose colored drapes at the windows as a sign of celebration, signaling the parishioners’ homes are open to visits by neighbors and acquaintances. Guests are offered this cake, cut into small diamonds, each topped with a toothpick. Torta degli Addobbi in Bologna is different from other rice cakes you find in Italy. In addition to rice and eggs, ingredients include candied fruits, almonds and bitter almond liquor. It’s a popular dessert in town and you can find it at almost every bakery. Versions vary in taste, depending on the ingredients’ proportions, often based on a secret recipe handed down through the generations. One of the best places to buy it is at the pasta shop Le Sfogline.

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