Babel Budapest Restaurant

Babel’s soul lies in its new chef who hails from Transylvania, or Erdély as Hungarians call the territory that once belonged to Hungary and now is part of Greater Romania. Chef István Veres produces wonders and links them to ingredients and memories that can be found there. The cuisine is modern, featuring a bit of alchemy in a techno-emotional way. Think of onion and pine butter with home sourdough, then balls of pickled cabbage and potato with tomato powder formed as a branch. Main courses include paper-thin sheets of kohlrabi along with kohlrabi snow. Underneath are warm and hardly heated and treated scallops and some vivid green watercress sauce. The wine collection is also based on top local produce from Hungary and the wider region. Arguably the best restaurant in the city.

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Budapest, Piarista köz 2, 1052 Hungary
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Opening times
Wed: 6:00 pm - 12:00 am
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