Dry Milano
Pizza Marinara

Even in Italy, finding really good pizza is hard. Despite what Neapolitans would like you to believe, it’s not about having the perfect water. The No. 1 rule? The dough — not the toppings — is what pizza is all about, and Dry Milano’s delicate, flavorful dough is exactly what makes its pizza stand out. By the way, pizza is just half of what makes this sleek, industrial-chic venue popular: Dry serves outstanding Prohibition-era cocktails. Call ahead or be prepared to wait in a line of beautiful Milanese. The people-watching will keep you busy. Go for a “less is more” approach and try the pizza marinara, with just tomato sauce and garlic.

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Via Solferino 33, 20121 Milan, Italy
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Opening times
Tue: 7:00 pm - 1:00 am
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