Quo Vadis

Karl Marx wrote much of "Das Kapital," his critique of the political economy, in a room above this landmark restaurant and private club in Soho. Founded in 1926 by an Italian named Pepino Leoni, the eatery's name comes from the Latin phrase "Quo vadis?" Or "Where are you going?" Scottish chef Jeremy Lee's take on old-English cuisine results in well-prepared, beautifully presented dishes of fresh, inventive ingredients that change daily in a lux-retro dining room festooned with floral arrangements, stained glass, art deco, parquet floors and an attentive staff. Alongside such menu regulars as smoked haddock fish cakes with aioli and crab and mayonnaise, vegetables and fish feature profusely on the daily changing menu.

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26-29 Dean St, London W1D 3LL, United Kingdom
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