Extremefoodies Global Awards 2014: The Buildup

By ExtremeFoodies on April 21st, 2014

More than 70 of the world's mightiest food experts will gather in London in late April for the announcement of the 2014 Tastiest Fast Feasts in the World.

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The second annual event, sponsored by ExtremeFoodies in partnership with Coca-Cola, will feature a weekend of discovery, expertise and celebration. ExtremeFoodies hosts an international collection of food bloggers who provide timely tips to foodies around the world on where to get delectable fast feasts of the highest quality at a good price, anytime and anywhere.

“A Fast Feast should not be confused with historical notions of unhealthy fast food. ExtremeFoodies is committed to fresh ingredients, prepared at the moment of consumption,” said ExtremeFoodies president Jeffrey Merrihue. “We seek out and support the local independent food purveyor and locally sourced ingredients.”

There are currently (at the time of writing) 80 ExtremeFoodies Experts around the world, with more joining every month.

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Courtesy of HoxtonHotel.com

On Friday, April 25, local food experts will welcome international guests at the Hoxton Hotel’s magical indoor garden for welcome drinks and general partying before being overcome by jet lag.

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Broadway Market/Courtesy of netilmarket.tumblr.com

On Saturday morning, April 26, a street food walk will lead participants through Broadway Market and Netil Market. Broadway Market, established in the 1890s, is a kaleidoscope of stalls, shops, pubs, restaurants and cafes offering some of the best food and clothing in London, all crammed into a little East End street between the Regent’s Canal and London Fields. With enough variety to please even the fussiest foodie, taste-tempting dishes include mouth-watering pork rolls, paella and falafels, dreamy cakes and chocolaty treats.

The smaller Netil Market, just down the street, showcases local handmade goods and artisan food trucks. From a converted VW Beetle dispensing shakes to the Lucky Chip burger van, fresh pasta from the Cooking Cooks to Chinese buns from Bao, diverse stalls and great food make Netil a must-see market.

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Flat Iron Steak Restaurant in Soho. / Courtesy of Paul Winch-Furness

Mark Schatzker of Toronto, author of “Steak: One Man's Search for the World's Tastiest Piece of Beef,” will be guest speaker for the first-ever Global Steak Symposium on Saturday evening at the Flat Iron Steak restaurant in Soho. During the symposium, owner/chef Charlie Carroll will prepare some of the world’s greatest steaks for a blind tasting. Participants will vote on their collective favorite, including:

- Fattened, 6-year-old English cow

- New Zealand grass-fed Wagyu

- A5 Japanese Wagyu

- Angus Mackay Highland

- Australian 270-day barley-fed

- USDA prime


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Fish Central is known for the best fish and chips in London. / Courtesy of fishcentral.co.uk

On Sunday afternoon, April 27, participants will gather for a roundtable discussion of the best practices in blogging and other social media. The event will be hosted at Fish Central, known for London’s finest fish and chips. Scott Wink, Chief ExtremeFoodies in Charleston, will lead the discussion and present his findings from an online survey he developed for the ExtremeFoodies blogger community.

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L’Anima showcases contemporary Italian cuisine against an elegant backdrop. / Courtesy of lanima.co.uk

The weekend will culminate with the 2014 ExtremeFoodies annual awards at L’Anima Café in Shoreditch. Chef Francesco Mazzei is renowned for his award-winning take on Italian food in the heart of London. L'Anima is the Italian word for "the soul" or "the spirit," and the spirits will be flowing at this jam-packed celebration of food around the world.

Local food experts and press, along with ExtremeFoodies’s all-star lineup of the finest culinary writers, will be on hand for a countdown the 50 tastiest items in the world and the reveal of the Top Tastiest Item of all.

Awards will recognize the top seven items in the categories of pizza, seafood, vegetarian, noodles, sandwich, rice and pastry. 

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Regional awards will honor winners for pasta, sausage/sandwich, chicken and pork.

Top awards will be bestowed on:

- Best steak house

- Outstanding contribution, Food Expert

- Foodiest city

- And the No. 1 dish in the world for 2014.


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Local food experts and press, along with ExtremeFoodies's all-star lineup of the finest culinary writers, will be on hand for a countdown of the 50 tastiest items in the world and reveal of the Top Tastiest Item of all. Awards will recognize the top seven items in the categories of pizza, seafood, vegetarian, noodles, sandwich, rice and pastry. 

Picking global winners across 4,000 candidates in 150 cities is challenging because no one person is able to try all the candidates in a given year. ExtremeFoodies adopts a methodology used by other global food awards in which local experts nominate items and a central team tries the items on a rotating basis. In addition, user input is collected from ExtremeFoodies’s App.

Finalists in the 2014 Tastiest Fast Feasts in the World awards were selected from items nominated by the site’s food bloggers and experts, based on:

- Item uniqueness

- Venue uniqueness

- Local authenticity


Food Experts attending the awards include:

Drew Thornley, Austin, author of Man Up Texas BBQ (manuptexasbbq.blogspot.com)

Mark Wiens, Bangkok, author of Eating Thai Food (eatingthaifood.com)

Marta Laurent Veciana, Barcelona, author of Forever Barcelona (foreverbarcelona.com)

Emily Knight, Bristol, author of Bristol Bites (bristolbites.co.uk)

Donnie Burtless, Buffalo, author of Buffalo Eats (buffaloeats.org)

Maria Luisa Rios, Caracas, author of MilSabores (milsabores.net)

Jenny Gao, Chengdu, author of Jing Theory (jingtheory.com/blog)

Karen Valentine, Chicago, author of Roam & Home (roamandhome.com)

Joe Hakim, Detroit, author of The Hungry Dudes (thehungrydudes.com)

Ishita Saha, Dubai, author of Ishita Unblogged (ishitaunblogged.com)

Juliana Loh, Hong Kong, author of Chicken Scrawlings, (julianaloh.com)

Tuba Satana, Istanbul, author of Istanbul Food (istanbulfood.com)

Fiona Chandra, Los Angeles, author of Gourmet Pigs (gourmetpigs.com)

Nicholas Gill, Lima, author of New World Review (newworldreview.com)

Anton Diaz, Manila, author of Our Awesome Planet (ourawesomeplanet.com)

Nicholas Gilman, Merida, author of Good Food in Mexico City (goodfoodmexicocity.com)

Jason Feirman, New York City, author of I Dream Of Pizza (idreamofpizza.com)

Mathilde Dewilde, Paris, author of Mathilde’s Cuisine (mathildescuisine.wordpress.com)

Rebecca Smith Hurd, Puebla, author of All About Puebla, (puebla-mexico.com)

Joe DiStefano, Queens, author of Chopsticks + Marrow (chopsticksandmarrow.com)

Tom Le Mesurier, Rio de Janeiro, author of Eat Rio (eatrio.net)

Raphael Corrêa, Sao Paulo, author of NossaCozinha (nossacozinha.tumblr.com)

Naomi Bishop, Seattle, author of the GastroGnome (thegastrognome.com)

Jennifer L, San Diego, author of Kirbie’s Cravings (kirbiecravings.com)

Tim Rutherford, Savannah, author of Savannah Foodie (savannahfoodie.com)

Catherine Ling, Singapore, author of Camemberu (camemberu.com)

Dan Gray, Seoul, author of Seoul Eats (seouleats.com)

Simon Leong, Sydney, author of Simon Food Favourites (simonfoodfavourites.blogspot.com)

Mijune Pak, Vancouver, author of Follow Me Foodie (followmefoodie.com)

Lauren DeSantis, Washington D.C., author of Capital Cooking (capitalcookingshow.com)

Catherine Dorion, Montreal, author of TravelEh (thetraveleh.wordpress.com)