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By midstofit on August 23rd, 2017

St. Lucia is located in the Eastern Caribbean Sea and offers so much to those who visit its shores. From the twin-mountain World Heritage Site at the Pitons to the different natural springs, it is a land filled with gorgeous sunsets, hotels, restaurants and, not to forget, the lovely and welcoming locals. The food might not be the defining factor when choosing St. Lucia as a destination. Tourists come here for the island's beautiful beaches and ecotourism. But, if you are reading this article, it is because food is the first thing that comes to your mind when visiting any country, new city or island, and luckily, you are in the right place to discover the essential eats of this beautiful spot in the Caribbean. 

This article will highlight some of the top restaurants in St. Lucia with a “seven restaurants recommendation list” that offers a selection of the island’s superb culinary experience to compliment the adventures that can be had on this island paradise. The order of the restaurants is inverse, the best restaurant shall be saved for the end.

1. Martha’s Tables

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Martha’s Tables is a local owned restaurant in St. Lucia located on the west coast and very close by to The Hotel Chocolat and Ladera Resort. This restaurant has great reviews because of its local cuisine, and their vegetarian options. The decoration is warm and casual and is a perfect opportunity to have lunch after visiting all the touristic spots in the Soufriere area. The amount of food served is substantial, so it will be a great way to recover all the energy spent either from the Piton’s hike, or bathing at one of the multiple waterfalls, rivers or beaches close-by. The pan-fried chicken breast with house sauce and vegetables, rice, beans, mac & cheese, and potato salad will leave the belly feeling satisfied.

2. Duke’s Place 

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Duke’s Place is open only on Friday and Saturday and waiting all week to go try the fish barbecue at this shack in the village of Gros Islet is totally worth it. It is smart to arrive early at 6:30pm to avoid the large queues of people from all over the world lining up to try some local flavours. The secret of these dishes is the amount of onion, butter, and garlic they put in their rice, and fish – it really tastes magical. Some of the types of fishes you can find are dorado, snapper, barracuda, conch and lobster when in season. Prices are very affordable and the amount of food is substantial. Another tip is to try the “seamoss” drink that is constantly sold by people around Duke’s Place, and don’t forget to ask the vendor for an explanation of the preparation of this drink, purchase some extra rum to put an extra kick to it!

3. Cariblue Windows

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Cariblue Windows, fronted by tropical gardens and a beautiful ocean view, is an intimate restaurant with a vibrant and chic atmosphere. Unique on St. Lucia, the venue offers customers the chef's creations, tasting menus and wine pairings in a tranquil, relaxing setting. The menu changes constantly. An exquisite curried goat might be the highlight of the evening. The dish comes with tender and juicy meat combined with creole salsa, roasted breadfruit, pappadam and a smoked mango sauce. Ingredients complement one another precisely, creating a Caribbean masterpiece. 

4. Jambe De Bois

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Jambe De Bois, opened in 2000 and is one of my favourite restaurants in St. Lucia. The decoration is soothing, full of colours and has a rustic design to it. The best days to go are Saturday’s and Sunday’s as apart from the delicious food and ambient, there is live Jazz music full of soul which makes this experience complete and worth the visit. Getting to the restaurant is an experience in itself, as you have to walk for a bit inside Pigeon Island National Park until you get to this secluded yet magical spot. The cocktails are exquisite, and some of my favourites are the “Jambe De Bois” a cocktail made with rum, cream, coconut cream and coffee liquer but in reality all of them are perfect. As I tried each one, I wanted to keep on ordering to make it down the list and try the full sleeve. There is also a special menu that changes everyday. My favourite choices from my first visit was the crunchy deep fried calamari, the cheese and mushroom pie which had a soft consistency and appealing to the taste buds. The freshly fish cakes exploded with flavor in each bite. The whole menu and experience was enjoyable, I am sure there will be many more visits to come.

5. TAO

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Tao is in St. Lucia at The Body Holiday, a world-renowned wellness resort. The restaurant has maintained its AAA Diamond Award since 2007. It has also been named by Condé Nast Traveller magazine as one of the “60 Hottest Tables” in the world. Tao is hidden away on a second-floor balcony in one of the most enchanting and secluded locations at the resort, which overlooks the Caribbean Sea. The gentle lighting lends itself well to the ambient and stylish Oriental restaurant; it’s an ideal setting for a romantic evening. The fusion of Eastern and Caribbean flavors is divine. One of the dishes that stand out due to its paradisiac combination of flavors is the Mahi Mahi, which is marinated in sake, with steamed mussels in garlic and coconut broth and served with jasmine rice. This is a meal that is not to be forgotten and shared with those closest to our hearts. 

6. Boucan by Hotel Chocolat

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The Boucan restaurant is just perfect to experience the cacao cuisine. The view to the Piton is just the cherry on top. This restaurant beautifully incorporates cocoa into every savoury and sweet dish on its menu; as a light and subtle spice, delicate infusion, or simply adding cocoa to any dish in a natural, healthy and harmonious way. It was hard to decide which dish to feature as every single dish is worth a try at this restaurant. The drinks menu is extensive, and some of the best drinks are the praline soother (hazelnut liqueur, crème de cacao, vodka, coconut cream) and Turbo Bailey’s (Baileys, rum, cocoa), and the dessert menu is just heavenly with the Robot Chocolate Lava, which comes with a melted chocolate interior, and nib-infused ice cream. My mouth is watering AGAIN! One of the best things about dining at this restaurant is that it is possible to book one of the tree-to-bar experience tours which are both a learning and exciting experience.

7. Spice of India

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Before arriving to live to St. Lucia I researched all about the restaurants and places where I could explore new dishes, and I saw that Spice of India was frequently mentioned – I knew I had to try it. Spice of India was founded 20 years ago, and it can be truly noticed as the service is exceptional and every detail is taken into account. The ambient feels sophisticated, and the traditional Indian Tandoor technique is portrayed in every one of their dishes. The décor is beautiful, and a special mention to the bar has to be said, as it is beautifully decorated with artifacts from many regions of India, which give authenticity to the restaurant. Spice of India offers daily-changing lunch menus that are served in a traditional Indian way, and the price is around EC$53.00 which was very fair considering the amount of food served and especially considering the great taste and quality. It is all about the details, and as you enter you are welcomed with a small appetizer. The day I visited it was a small smoothie made with guava, yogurt, milk, and ice – deliciously sweet and refreshing. The chefs tasting lunch menu was succulent, that day chicken masala was on the menu, and the seasoning with all the traditional Indian Spices made this dish one remember. For cheese and flatbread lovers, the cheese naan with spices is superb. 

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