London's Best Sausage Roll: Ginger Pig – Bite Into London

By ExtremeFoodies on September 25th, 2015

In this episode of Bite Into London Amy takes a trip to Borough Market near London Bridge to the famous Ginger Pig butchery to try their delicious sausage roll. Subscribe to ExtremeFoodies for more videos on the world's essential eats.

Amy Shuster was lucky to visit the Ginger Pig in Borough Market for their fine rendition of the sausage roll. As Amy mentions, the sausage roll is often confused with the hot dog by those less informed. The sausage roll is actually closer to being a pie rather than anything else. Rich puff pastry is tucked around a roll of sausage meat and brushed with a bit of egg to form a glaze. The package is then thrown into an oven and the result is quite glorious. A golden, crispy, flaky, rich puff pastry shell, protecting a succulent spicy sausage interior. Sausage rolls were typically baked with a shortcrust pastry in the past, and the meat was often flavoured with a number of spices and whatever was available to the baker/butcher at the time.