Get in line for Franklin Barbecue - Texas' most popular BBQ joint

By ExtremeFoodies on March 11th, 2016

Join Amy Shuster as she visits one of Texas’ most popular barbecue Joints, Franklin Barbecue. Subscribe to ExtremeFoodies for more videos on the world's essential eats.

The austere looking Franklin epitomises the Texan BBQ house. You’ll find no contemporary furniture or cluttering décor. The establishment seeks to honour the meat; as simple as that. The smokehouse (the colloquial term for kitchen-where-big-men-cook-meat in Texas) is home to a number of smokers where only the finest cuts of meat are prepared and smoked. Rather than thrown on a grill, the meat is smothered in a spicy rub and slow cooked in the smoker, absorbing all the wonderful wood-burnt flavours.

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