In Conversation with Louie Mueller Barbecue - Tastiest Barbecue in the World 2015

By ExtremeFoodies on September 25th, 2015

The word barbecue conjures up numerous visions of golden cuts of delicious meats. From the simple BBQ chicken to the intimidating barbecue brisket, our taste buds come to life by just thinking of biting into those succulent chunks of flesh.

ExtremeFoodies and Amy Shuster of fame, traveled to Austin, Texas, and then some more, before they found the mecca of BBQ joints. In the little town of Taylor lies a restaurant that masters the art of cooking meat, barbecue style. Sit down with Amy and Wayne Mueller, the grand son of the founder, and learn how this family business founded in 1949 has become an icon in the world of barbecue.



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It’s a common misconception the world over that barbecues include meat cooked on an open flame. Barbecues are essentially cooked off a flame, but close enough so that the heat and smoke combine to create the perfect medley of flavour and tenderness. Louie Mueller BBQ in Taylor, Texas manages to do it just right. In fact, they BBQ cuts of meat so well that they are considered to have created the benchmark. 

Although some may argue otherwise, many assume that the best barbecues and barbecue recipes are found in the United States. There are different methods of cooking tasty meats in the States. The Southern states often employ barrel smoking on large pieces of pork and sometimes whole pigs, while Kentucky is known for its mutton barbecues. In Texas, however, they employ a smoke pit to cook their succulent cuts of Texan beef. Pits are fiercely guarded by pit masters, whom guard their barbecue recipes just as fiercely. Check out how the Texas barbecue science works by clicking here:

At Louie Mueller Barbecue they barbecue their cuts of meat in a WWII naval vessel container, while Wayne Mueller manages an expanding fleet of pits in other locations throughout Texas. 

Louie Mueller Barbecue has a wide range of barbecued meats on their menu. The bread and butter BBQ cut is the oh-so-tender brisket, but beef sausage, pork tenderloin and turkey are also on offer. However, the crowning glory is the Texan beef barbecue ribs. Louie Mueller’s beef barbecue ribs are so succulent and tasty that not only were they awarded the “World’s Tastiest BBQ” award, but it also snuck in and grabbed the coveted “World’s Tastiest Item” award. Take a look at Louie Mueller Barbecue’s site here: