Yat Lok Roast Goose – Hong Kong’s Essential Eats with Mark Wiens

By migrationology on July 10th, 2015

Roast duck is usually considered the more popular feathery friend to see the inside of an oven in Asia, and we all know how popular Peking Duck has become the world over, but Hongkongers really enjoy the larger bird… that being goose, of course. Roast Goose is so popular in Hong Kong that people often favour particular restaurants over others, preferring an individual and unique marinade or method of roasting. The general trend is to marinade only the plumpest and biggest birds in a soy and sesame oil sauce before hanging the birds above coal pits. The slow cooking process ensures juicy tenderness and a crispy, golden and crunchy skin. 

At Yat Lok, the only thing in the world that they really care about is making roast goose. Their dedication and fanaticism has made a Yat Lok roast goose the best in Hong Kong. And if you have the best roast goose in Hong Kong, then you pretty much have the best roast goose in the world. Yat Lok’s current owner didn’t start the restaurant. Rather it was his father who gave up his childhood dreams to settle down and start creating his version of the local delicacy. With the crispiest skin, a tasty but not-too-overpowering marinade, succulent flesh and thinnest layer of juicy fat, Yat Lok’s geese are the best in town. Yat Lok has such a good reputation that it even got a visit from celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain who said that the Roast Goose at Yak Lok is so good that it is worth the trip from anywhere in the world just to eat it… not too bad Yat Lok.

We may not all be able to ‘pop into Yat Lok for the old bird’, but luckily for us we have the faithful Mark Weins to give us a rundown of the tastiest goose in town. Mark is an avid traveller and foodie, and you can give his YouTube channel a look here: www.youtube.com/user/migrationology 

You could also just really fall head-over-heels for the bloke and wander through his informative and tasty looking blog here: www.migrationology.com

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