Xtremefoodies Guide to KERB Camden Market with TOPJAW and William Leigh - London's Essential Eats

By ExtremeFoodies on December 22nd, 2016

ExtremeFoodies sent Jesse & Will from TOPJAW down to KERB Camden Market on its opening day to try some of London’s best street food as chosen by William Leigh of Killa Dilla.

KERB Camden Market is everything that’s great about London food in 34 stalls, EVERY day of the week. They bring together some of the most exciting cooking happening in London right now, showcasing this city’s dynamic street food scene, as well as its indomitable diversity.

Featured in this film:

  • Killa Dilla: London’s most inauthentic (hello hash browns) and delicious quesadillas
  • INK Crispy Squid
  • Oh My Dog! Hot Dogs
  • Square Root Soda Bar
  • Oli Baba’s
  • Mother Clucker
  • BBQ Dreamz 

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