Maximo Bistrot Local: A Labor of Love - Mexico's Essential Eats

By ExtremeFoodies on October 27th, 2015

Mexico City is a mecca for devout foodies and street food fans, and nowhere is this more evident than at Maximo Bistrot Local, known for its reinterpretation of contemporary Mexican cuisine. Take a look at ExtremeFoodies's Essential Restaurant in Mexico City for 2015 and head over to ExtremeFoodies on YouTube for more.



Máximo Bistrot Local opened its doors at the beginning of 2012, and quickly became the hottest restaurant in Mexico City. It’s an unpretentious European-style bistro in the chic Colonia Roma neighborhood. Chef and owner Eduardo “Lalo” García worked under Enrique Olvera of Pujol and also toiled in Manhattan’s star-strewn Le Bernardín. He likes rustic French and Italian cooking, but his feet stay firmly planted on native ground. He often utilizes typical Mexican ingredients in his dishes, such as chilies, hot and mild; cuitlacoche, the rich corn fungus; or country herbs like epazote, incorporating them into classic European recipes. García represents the new generation of Mexican cooks who, while well aware of what’s going on in Spain, California and New York, have come back home, introducing contemporary concepts into their native cuisine, toying with tradition without losing respect for it.