Nuno Mendes Crowdfunds the “World’s Next Best Restaurant”

By ExtremeFoodies on November 11th, 2015

This is an exciting opportunity for investors to become part of something special - to get closer to famed chef Nuno Mendes and his extraordinary skills as he seeks to break down the barriers of fine dining and open its doors to the people who matter most to him - his guests. To find out more about investing in Viajante  check out:

A Portuguese chef with a track record of success, Nuno Mendes cooks with a passion recognised around the globe. A pioneer in gastronomy, Nuno is a traveller or ‘viajante’ who has explored the globe in search of unique ingredients, innovative techniques and first-hand farming experiences.

Nuno believes that Metropolitan Wharf, a revitalised Victorian riverfront warehouse in Wapping, is the ideal setting to launch his newest restaurant, Viajante. In his new intimate dining experience with its stunning waterfront location, diners will revel in a tasting menu of numerous courses bringing wave after wave of breathtaking tastes and textures in a setting of refined beauty and calm.

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