The Best Burger in New York - The Emmy Burger - Emily, Brooklyn

By Jack Southan on July 13th, 2016

For the last year, we’ve made it our mission to find the best burger in NYC. With 100s of patties and buns eaten by some of NYC’s best food experts, we are finally ready to crown our champion!



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When we undertook this extraordinary mission we knew we would have a tough time finding a clear winner. After all, NYC has literally thousands of places that a hungry foodie could order a burger. It was daunting, terrifying even, but someone had to do it. And that we did. So here we stand, at the pearly gates, holding the most magnificent burger that this city of burgers has to offer - The Emmy Burger – from ‘Emily’ located in the heart of Brooklyn.

The story of ‘Emily’ is one of romance, hard work and culinary power couple Matt and Emily Hyland’s favourite dish: Pizza. Now I know what you’re thinking.. How do a couple of pizza-mad lovers come up with the best burger in New York? Well it’s actually pretty much as you might expect - After studying at the Institute of Culinary Education, working for 10 years in the industry and becoming a student of a local pizza master, they opened their very own restaurant. Yet eating pizza everyday, just as they dreamt the could, led to the moment in which Emily and Matt became slightly sick of it. So Matt made something rather special for lunch one day.

And so was born the New York burger of burgers: “The Emmy burger, which has developed a real following, features coarsely-ground dry-aged beef, Grafton cheddar, cornichons, charred onions and the Korean-inspired “Emmy” sauce, all topped with a pretzel bun.” describes our NYC Foodie Hub Expert.

They are growing to be so popular in fact that the restaurant has to limit the amount of burgers they sell to 25 per night (though on Sundays it’s unlimited, thank goodness). But this isn’t surprising at all when you understand just how accommodating, inviting and homely this place is. Emily herself describes their vision of what the restaurant should be as an extension of their home, and it feels like just that. Smart but relaxed decor with warm friendly staff and food straight out of a comfort cookbook.

They aim to deliver great quality, mostly locally sourced produce, in such a way that takes artisanal food to a whole new level. The pizzas are fantastic and wildly popular, but the real deal at ‘Emily’ is most certainly the burger.

Out of the hundreds of burgers we tried, this rested grass-fed beef patty, with it’s Tom Cat pretzel bun and year-aged grafton cheddar, was by far the best. The succulence and juiciness of this burger was something of regal beauty and with each passing mouthful we came to realise that it was something really very special. There’s a new King in town, and it will take a lot to overthrow. So if you’re in NYC any time soon, drop in and pay your respects. Long live the King.

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