Toff's Of Muswell Hill

By Jack Southan on July 13th, 2016

Arguably England’s most famous dish, locals and tourists to the UK & London devour Fish & Chips on the regular, but an awful lot of people don't know the best place to get it. So we sent TopJaw to Toff’s of Muswell Hill to find out how it’s done properly.



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Established in 1968, Toff's is an award winning fish and chip shop owned by George and Costas Giorgious which prides itself on serving fresh food at reasonable prices in a family friendly atmosphere – somewhere you are greeted as a customer but you leave as a friend.

As well as the more recognisable range of fish (cod, haddock, plaice, rock and skate) at Toff's they extend their choice to whole fish like whole plaice, lemon sole, dover sole, sea bass and trout.

Historically, the marriage of Fish & Chips dates back to 1860 in Northern England near one of the many fish docks. The original recipe was to fry the pair in beef dripping, but it was in London's East End that they started frying in oil. Traditionally, fish and chips were flavoured with salt and vinegar and consumed with your fingers straight out of the newspaper in which they were wrapped. Cod and chips is the Londoners favourite, but that's not true for the whole country. Ask for Fish & Chips in Grimsby, and they will serve you Haddock or in Wales you will most likely receive Plaice. Fish & Chips became essential to the diet of ordinary men and women and is now as fashionable as ever.

A British classic then, and one which continues to be the most quintessential dish of the country. Toff’s has been somewhat of an institution on the North London food scene for many years, attracting celebrity custom and big name fans year on year. The close proximity of the restaurant to London’s famed Alexandra Palace venue, means it has solidified itself as a go-to restaurant for those performing there and with these kind of endorsements it is little wonder that the queues run down the street at weekends as people try to get a table or at least have a taste!

The restaurant has a head for quality and a mind for sustainability - which is important to know when purchasing fish in England. The issues the country has with its fishing industry are many, and as people become to understand them they have begun to demand a level of consideration and ethical mindedness from their suppliers. This is why Toff’s only purchase responsibly caught fish which have fallen within the quotas of sustainable fish stocks. So not only is it incredibly delicious, but it also holds the moral high ground - which is a rarity with fast food.

This is some of the best Fish and Chips in London, and the standard is high so that’s saying a lot, which means it could be rated as some of the best in the country be default. It is fresh, tasty and ethical - and in our books that means they do it better than most. So does Toff’s of Muswell Hill do it properly? They certainly do.

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