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By ExtremeFoodies on February 18th, 2015




This month saw the launch of ExtremeFoodiesTV

ExtremeFoodies searches, discovers, shares and celebrates fantastic food. Whether that’s the tastiest feasts discovered by the world's largest network of local food experts or awesome recipes for you to make at home in a flash.

Each weekly program is focused on delicious events taking place around the world, from Chinese New Year to National Fried Chicken Day to Valentine’s Day or delicious items like seafood, cheese, pizza and every other type of food you love.

Hosted by Amy Shuster @BackyardBite, the first episode celebrates Chinese New Year. Amy heads to San Gabriel Valley (home to the largest community of Chinese people outside of China) in Los Angeles to taste some of the area’s most delicious feasts, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbAiI6LopfE

Additional videos feature:

The 60 Second Chef – Patrick Drake, who shows us how to make Firecracker Shrimp in 60 Seconds. http://www.xtremefoodies.com//firecracker-shrimp-60-second-chef/

Flavor Detective Mark Schatzker, who looks at the use of fermented shrimp in Asian cooking. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TO2b4rXqsCk

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