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By eatlikeagirl on May 1st, 2015

In celebration of St Patrick’s Day, Chief Chowzter Niamh Shields of EatLikeAGirl.com goes in search of the tastiest places in Dublin to celebrate the Irish national day.


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The 60 Second Chef Patrick Drake creates deliciously moist and delightfully rich Miniature Guinness Cakes in just 60 Seconds.


Flavor Detective Mark Schatzker investigates the science behind the perfect Irish stew - including the best meat to use, exactly how you should cook it and all the reasons why. 


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Meet the author

WHO AM I? My name is Niamh Shields. Now, don’t panic, it is just a name (an Irish one at that), pronounced Knee-uv. I am an Irish ex-pat, based vaguely in London (well, I pay rent there). I travel a lot while still keeping up to date with the London restaurant scene. I love to eat, cook and write about it. I love to photograph food, too. In kitchens (mine and others), in restaurants, in markets, at street food stalls. Where there is good food,…... More