Sopa Leao Veloso

This rich seafood soup-stew was invented by a Brazilian diplomat more than 50 years ago. Paulo Leão Veloso was sent to Paris in the 1950s and while there, he fell in love with French classic Bouillabaisse. When he returned to Brazil, he longed for the rich seafood stew from his days in France but found some of the ingredients simply weren't available. He substituted saffron with urucum (a bright red spice favored by indigenous tribes as a body paint) and used local Brazilian fish instead of the European varieties. This rich soup, heavy with seafood, is served with micro-thin rosemary toasts that have been liberally drizzled with olive oil.

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Santa Teresa - Rua Almirante Alexandrian, 432 – RJ 20241-260
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Thu: 12:00 pm - 12:00 am
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