Duke’s Place
Fish of the day - Lobster

Duke’s Place is open only on Friday and Saturday and waiting all week to go try the fish barbecue at this shack in the village of Gros Islet is totally worth it. It is smart to arrive early at 6:30pm to avoid the large queues of people from all over the world lining up to try some local flavours. The secret of these dishes is the amount of onion, butter, and garlic they put in their rice, and fish – it really tastes magical. Some of the types of fishes you can find are dorado, snapper, barracuda, conch and lobster when in season. Prices are very affordable and the amount of food is substantial. Another tip is to try the “seamoss” drink that is constantly sold by people around Duke’s Place, and don’t forget to ask the vendor for an explanation of the preparation of this drink, purchase some extra rum to put an extra kick to it!

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Gros Islet. St. Lucia, Caribbean
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